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EAI International Conference on Smart Cities and Smart Solutions for Sustainable Development

January 15–16, 2018 | Kumasi, Ghana

Call for Workshop Proposals

Workshop Scope

In addition to the plenary sessions for the SmartCities and Smart Solutions conference, there is the need to provide participants with interactive sessions where they can dialogue on relevant issues, and collaborate with peers and experts of relevant topics related to the theme of the conference. The workshops will explore experiences, best practices, policies etc. in the areas of energy, computer, telecommunication, mobile application systems in Africa. 

The workshop format will use participatory methods to achieve knowledge exchange between the audience and experts through interactive group work and presentations. The experts will be people from industry and academia discussing works in progress and projects and programs they had developed or implemented, with lessons learned.

The following are suggested workshop areas of interest (but not limited to the following):

  • Collaboration models between national and local government, international organization, and civil society
  • Adoption/diffusion models for technology in Africa
  • ICT, Internet of things infrastructure and integration
  • Renewable and innovative energy technologies and policy
  • Smart grid systems: RE for Manufacturing Industry; sustainable buildings and energy efficiency systems; bioenergy; Energy storage technology roadmap; Smart agriculture etc.

Workshop proposal submissions should include: Workshop title, presenter(s) and collaborator information, abstract with a brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshop will address, and the intended audience.

If you are considering to propose a workshop or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Gordon Adomdza, 4S4D Workshops Chair.